Title 18


Division 1. Planning and Zoning

Part 1. General Administration

18.15    Enforcement and Interpretation of Title

Part 2. Definitions

18.25    Definitions

Part 3. Zoning Districts and Maps

18.30    Establishment and Designation of Districts

18.35    Zoning Maps

18.43    City Center Districts

18.45    Commercial and Mixed Use Districts

18.47    Downtown (“D”) District

18.49    Warm Springs Innovation (“WSI”) District

18.50    Industrial Districts

18.55    O-S Open Space District

18.60    P-F Public Facilities District

18.90    Residential Districts

Part 4. Planned Districts

18.110    P Planned Districts

Part 5. Combining and Overlay Districts

18.130    (H-I) Hillside Combining District

18.135    (HOD) Historical Overlay District

18.137    (HESI) Housing Element Sites Inventory Overlay

18.140    (I) Irvington Overlay District

18.145    (M-R) Mineral Resources Overlay District

18.150    (Q) Quarry Combining District

18.152    (TOD) Transit-Oriented Development Overlay District

Part 6. Other Zoning Regulations

18.153    Accessory Structures

18.155    Affordable Housing

18.156    Affordable Housing for Nonresidential Developments

18.160    Construction Hours

18.165    Density Bonus and Affordable Housing Incentives

18.170    Exceptions and Adjustments

18.171    Fences and Hedges

18.175    Historic Resources

18.180    Nonconforming Uses and Structures

18.183    Parking, Loading Areas and Vehicle Storage

18.185    Renewable Energy Systems

18.186    Solar Access Preservation

18.187    Wireless Facilities

18.188    Right to Urban Core Operations

Part 7. Special Provisions Applying to Miscellaneous Uses

18.190    Special Provisions Applying to Miscellaneous Uses

Part 8. Signs

18.193    Regulation of Signs on Private Property

18.194    Regulation of Signs on Public Property

Part 9. Other Planning and Environmental Regulations

18.195    Conversions of Mobile Home Parks to Other Uses

18.200    Flood Damage Prevention

18.205    Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control

18.210    Stormwater Management and Discharge Control

18.215    Tree Preservation

18.218    Standard Development Requirements to Address Resource Protection

18.220    Surface Mining and Reclamation

Part 10. Permitting Procedures and Requirements

18.225    Adoption or Amendments to General, Community and Specific Plans, Design Guidelines, Zoning Maps and Text, and Prezoning

18.230    Conditional Use Permits

18.235    Design Review Permits

18.240    Determination of Zoning Compliance

18.245    Development Agreements

18.250    Modifications and Interpretations of Zoning Standards – Findings

18.255    Performance Standards and Environmental Studies Procedures

18.260    Planned Unit Development Permits

18.265    Reasonable Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities

18.270    Variances

18.275    Zoning Administrator Permits

Division 2. Fees, Appeals, Public Hearings, Time Limits

18.290    Development Impact Fees

18.300    Appeals to City Council and Planning Commission

18.310    Fees, Charges, Deposits, and Expenses

18.320    Notice of Public Hearing

18.330    Time Limits, Abandonment, Expiration, Revocation and Modification of Approvals