Title 2


2.04    Board of County Commissioners

2.05    Internal Control Standards and Procedures, Materiality Policy

2.06    Neighborhood Associations

2.08    Sheriff’s Office

2.10    Community Corrections

2.12    Department of Redevelopment

2.14    Economic Development Commission

2.16    Repealed

2.18    Emergency Management Agency

2.20    Joint Department - Legal Aid

2.22    Central Dispatch Board

2.24    Repealed

2.25    Purchasing Policies and Rules

2.26    MBE/WBE Joint Utilization Board

2.27    Public Construction Projects

2.28    Joint Traffic Department

2.32    Joint Department of Weights and Measures

2.36    Courts

2.37    Vanderburgh County Criminal Justice Planning Commission

2.38    Public Defender Board

2.40    Board of Health

2.41    Board of Health Food Permits

2.42    Indemnification of Sheriff’s Deputies

2.44    Board of Zoning Appeals

2.48    Information Technology Governance Structure

2.52    Area Plan Commission

2.54    Regional Development Authority

2.56    City-County Human Relations Commission

2.60    Vanderburgh Auditorium and Convention Center Advisory Board

2.62    Polling Place Advisory Council

2.64    Multiple County Infrastructure Authority

2.65    Initiative Based Assistance Program

2.68    Evansville-Vanderburgh County Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence

2.69    Commission on Homelessness in Vanderburgh County

2.72    County Parks Manager

2.73    Greenway Advisory Board

2.76    Burdette Park Advisory Committee

2.78    Old Courthouse Management Advisory Board (Repealed)

2.80    Agencies Established Pursuant to Federal Statutes

2.84    Public Records

2.85    Fees for Copies of Public Records

2.86    Bulk Form Copies

2.87    Recorder’s Office Fees

2.88    Repealed

2.90    Employee Handbook

2.91    Hiring of County Employees

2.92    Crime Insurance Coverage

2.93    Authorization to Purchase Blanket Bond Coverage for County Officers, Commission Members, Employees and Contractors as Required under Indiana Law

2.94    Repealed

2.95    Capital Asset Policy

2.96    Reimbursement of Travel Expense

2.97    County Council Mileage Rate

2.98    Advisory Board on Disability Services

2.99    Payment of Membership Dues and Other Fees with County Funds