Chapter 17.10


17.10.010    Purpose and intent.

17.10.020    Permitted uses.

17.10.030    Conditional uses.

17.10.040    Prohibited uses.

17.10.050    Development standards.

17.10.060    Density.

17.10.070    Minimum lot area and frontage.

17.10.080    Minimum yards.

17.10.090    Building coverage and height.

17.10.100    Parking standards.

17.10.110    Sign standards.

17.10.120    Fence and wall standards.

17.10.130    Landscaping standards.

17.10.140    Storage standards.

17.10.010 Purpose and intent.

The C-1 zone is intended to implement the commercial category of the Comprehensive Plan. The purpose and intent is to provide for commercial uses which are restricted to retail, downtown businesses, or shopping center types of uses, having no permanent outdoor sales or storage areas. (Ord. C-675 § 129, 2008)

17.10.020 Permitted uses.

The land uses permitted in the C-1 zone are listed in the zoning matrix and generally described as follows:

A. Any retail business which is primarily conducted or operated inside a building, having no permanent outdoor sales or storage area;

B. Banks and professional offices;

C. Barbershops, beauty parlors;

D. Dry-cleaning establishments and laundries;

E. Billiard and pool parlors;

F. Theaters, recreational centers and other places of amusement which are entirely operated inside a single building;

G. Restaurants, cafes, taverns;

H. Studios;

I. Grocery, hardware, clothing, furniture stores, drug stores and novelty shops;

J. Public buildings, in accordance with specific standards;

K. Churches, auditoriums, private schools, lodges, and social clubs;

L. Parks and playgrounds;

M. Signs attached to buildings and advertising products or services sold therein and other signs as provided in Chapter 17.23 AHMC. (Ord. C-675 § 130, 2008)

17.10.030 Conditional uses.

In accordance with AHMC 17.03.110 through 17.03.140, the Hearing Examiner may grant approval for the following uses in the C-1 zone when satisfied that the use will be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and existing uses:

A. Drive-through fast food restaurants;

B. Service stations;

C. Custodial quarters;

D. Brewpubs;

E. Mixed-use developments. (Ord. C-675 § 131, 2008)

17.10.040 Prohibited uses.

The following uses are prohibited in the C-1 zone:

A. Industrial and manufacturing uses;

B. Kennels and keeping of livestock or poultry;

C. Adult entertainment establishments. (Ord. C-675 § 132, 2008)

17.10.050 Development standards.

Before the issuance of a building permit, evidence of compliance with AHMC 17.10.060 through 17.10.140 shall be provided to the Planning Department. (Ord. C-675 § 133, 2008)

17.10.060 Density.

No density requirements apply in the C-1 zone, except for those areas within the Fairchild Air Force Base accident potential zones defined in Chapter 17.16 AHMC. Proposed land uses within accident potential zones must comply with the population density guidelines outlined in the air installation compatible use zone (AICUZ) study prepared by Fairchild Air Force Base. (Ord. C-675 § 134, 2008)

17.10.070 Minimum lot area and frontage.

No minimum lot size shall apply in the C-1 zone. Frontage on a minor arterial or higher classification is required. (Ord. C-675 § 135, 2008)

17.10.080 Minimum yards.

A. Minimum setback requirements from lot lines are as follows:

1. Front yard – 25 feet;

2. Rear yard – 10 feet;

3. Side yard – five feet per story;

4. Corner yard – 15 feet.

B. The Technical Review Committee may alter these setback guidelines if a design is proposed that differs from these standards, but still provides the same level of safety and aesthetics as intended by these setbacks. (Ord. C-675 § 136, 2008)

17.10.090 Building coverage and height.

A. The maximum building coverage shall be 60 percent of the lot area.

B. The maximum building height shall be 50 feet above the mean ground level. (Ord. C-675 § 137, 2008)

17.10.100 Parking standards.

Off-street parking spaces shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 17.21 AHMC. (Ord. C-675 § 138, 2008)

17.10.110 Sign standards.

Signage standards for uses in the C-1 zone shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 17.23 AHMC. (Ord. C-675 § 139, 2008)

17.10.120 Fence and wall standards.

Fence and wall standards for uses in the C-1 zone shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 17.20 AHMC. (Ord. C-675 § 140, 2008)

17.10.130 Landscaping standards.

Landscaping standards for uses in the C-1 zone shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 17.22 AHMC. (Ord. C-675 § 141, 2008)

17.10.140 Storage standards.

Storage standards for uses in the C-1 zone shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 17.25 AHMC. (Ord. C-675 § 142, 2008)