Title 3


3.01    Biennial Budget

3.05    Real Estate Sales Excise Tax

3.07    Conservation Futures Tax

3.08    Conservation Futures Fund

3.10    Leasehold Excise Tax

3.15    Timber Harvesters’ Excise Tax

3.20    Enhanced 911 Emergency System Excise Taxes

3.25    Lodging Tax

3.28    Sales and Use Tax for Economic Development – Public Infrastructure Fund

3.29    Sales and Use Tax for Affordable and Supportive Housing

3.30    Additional Sales and Use Tax – Criminal Justice Funding

3.32    Additional Sales and Use Tax – Chemical Dependency/Mental Health Treatment Program

3.33    Additional Sales and Use Tax – Housing and Related Services

3.35    Veterans’ Assistance Fund

3.36    Tri-Area Sewer Fund

3.40    Dispute Resolution Center Funding

3.42    County Clerk’s Fees

3.43    Juvenile Court Diversion Program Funding

3.45    Foreclosure on Delinquent Special Assessments

3.50    Returned Check Charges

3.55    Bidding and Purchasing Procedures

3.57    Rules for Sale, Disposition or Lease of County Surplus Real Property

3.60    Use of Banked Capacity

3.65    Assessment Levied for Coordinating Noxious Weed Control

3.70    Sheriff’s Fees

3.80    County Department Fee Requirements and Policies