Title 22C


22C.010    Residential Zones

22C.020    Commercial, Industrial, Recreation and Public Institutional Zones

22C.030    Adult Facilities Overlay Zone

22C.040    Mixed Use – Special District

22C.050    Small Farms Overlay Zone

22C.060    Smokey Point Master Plan Area – Design Requirements

22C.065    Lakewood Neighborhood Master Plan Area – Design Requirements

22C.070    East Sunnyside/Whiskey Ridge Master Plan Area – Design Requirements

22C.080    Downtown Master Plan Area – Design Requirements

22C.085    88th Street Master Plan – Design Requirements

22C.090    Residential Density Incentives

22C.100    Nonconforming Situations

22C.110    Temporary Uses

22C.120    Landscaping and Screening

22C.130    Parking and Loading

22C.140    Drive-Through Facilities

22C.150    Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Batteries

22C.160    Signs

22C.170    Mini-Storage Facilities

22C.180    Accessory Structures

22C.190    Home Occupations

22C.200    Day Care Standards

22C.210    Bed and Breakfasts

22C.220    Master Planned Senior Communities

22C.230    Mobile Home Parks

22C.240    Recreational Vehicle Parks

22C.250    Wireless Communication Facilities

22C.270    Solar Energy Systems