Title 22C


22C.010    Residential Zones

22C.020    Commercial, Industrial, Recreation and Public Institutional Zones

22C.030    Adult Facilities Overlay Zone

22C.040    Mixed Use – Special District

22C.050    Small Farms Overlay Zone

22C.060    Smokey Point Master Plan Area – Design Requirements

22C.065    Lakewood Neighborhood Master Plan Area – Design Requirements

22C.070    East Sunnyside – Whiskey Ridge Subarea – Design Requirements

22C.080    Downtown Master Plan Area – Design Requirements

22C.085    88th Street Master Plan – Design Requirements

22C.090    Residential Density Incentives

22C.100    Nonconforming Situations

22C.110    Temporary Uses

22C.120    Landscaping and Screening

22C.130    Parking and Loading

22C.140    Drive-Through Facilities

22C.150    Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Batteries

22C.160    Signs

22C.170    Mini-Storage Facilities

22C.180    Accessory Structures

22C.190    Home Occupations

22C.200    Day Care Standards

22C.210    Bed and Breakfasts

22C.220    Master Planned Senior Communities

22C.230    Mobile/Manufactured Home Parks

22C.240    Recreational Vehicle Parks

22C.250    Wireless Communication Facilities

22C.260    Mobile Food Vendors

22C.270    Solar Energy Systems

22C.280    Enhanced Services Facilities

22C.290    Emergency Housing and Shelters