Title 8


8.04    One Road District

8.05    Public Works Director and County Engineer

8.08    Road Weight Restrictions

8.10    Log Tolerance Permits

8.12    Rental of Road Equipment

8.16    Bridge Weight Restrictions

8.20    Primary Road System

8.24    Construction Specifications—Roads and Bridges

8.25    Franchises for Facilities on County Roads and Property

8.26    Utilities on Rights-of-Way

8.28    Construction Requirements—Guarantees for Completion of Repairs—Warranty of Repairs

8.32    Road Closures—Public Safety Hazards

8.34    Seasonal County Road Closure

8.36    Fishing from Bridges

8.37    Jumping or Diving from Bridges

8.38    Unauthorized Use of County Right-of-Way

8.40    Water on Highways

8.45    Snow and Ice Nuisances

8.60    Road Approach Permitting

8.70    Road Vacation

8.90    Public Works Department Application Fees