Title 15

Division I.    General Provisions

15.100    Authority, Purpose, Interpretation and Administration

15.105    Definitions

15.110    Calculations, Measurements and Lot Designations

15.115    Land Use Actions and Procedures

15.120    Nonconformance and Reuse of Facilities

15.125    Code Enforcement

15.130    Annexations

Division II.    Zone Classifications and Land Use Charts

15.200    Establishment of Zones

15.205    Land Use Chart

15.210    Uses and Standards for the AVO and AVC Airport Zones

15.215    Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Division III.    Overlay Districts and Zones

15.300    City Center Overlay District

15.305    South 154th Street Station Area Overlay District

15.310    Angle Lake Station Area Overlay District

15.315    Overlay Zones (OZ)

Division IV.    Citywide Development Standards, Regulations and Incentives

15.400    Dimensional Standards and Regulations

15.405    Accessory and Tent Structures

15.410    Cargo Containers

15.415    Commercial Standards and Regulations

15.420    Day Care Facilities

15.425    Development Incentives

15.430    Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

15.435    Fences

15.440    Keeping of Animals

15.445    Landscaping and Tree Retention

15.450    Mobile Refueling Operations

15.455    Parking and Circulation

15.460    Performance Standards – General

15.465    Residential Standards and Regulations

15.470    Subsidiary Uses

15.475    Temporary Uses

15.480    Wireless Communication Facilities

Division V.    Design Standards

15.500    Small Lot Single-Family Design Standards

15.505    Townhouse and Duplex Development Design Standards

15.510    Multi-Family Housing Design Standards

15.515    Special Design Standards for the RBX, CB-C, UH-UCR and O/CM Zones

15.520    Mixed Use Development Design Standards

15.530    High Capacity Transit Facilities Design Standards

Division VI.    Sign Code

15.600    Sign Code

Division VII.    Critical Areas

15.700    Critical Areas