Title 19


Division I. Administration

19.05    Zoning and Development in General

19.15    Permits and Review Processes

19.20    Permits and Certificate of Occupancy

19.25    Bonds

19.30    Nonconformance

19.35    Amendments

Division II. Development Process

19.40    Preapplication Process

19.45    Variances

19.50    Interpretations

19.55    Process I – Director’s Approval

19.60    Process II – Site Plan Review

19.65    Process III – Project Approval

19.70    Process IV – Hearing Examiner

19.75    Process V – Quasi-Judicial Rezones

19.80    Process VI – Council Rezones

19.85    Development Agreements

Division III. Mitigation and Fees

19.90    Transportation Concurrency Management

19.91    Transportation Impact Fees

19.92    Park Impact Fees

19.95    School Impact Fees

19.96    Surface and Stormwater Utility System Development Charges

19.100    Mitigation of Development Impacts

Division IV. Development Regulations

19.105    General Development Regulations

19.110    Density and Dimensions

19.115    Community Design Guidelines

19.120    Clearing, Grading, and Tree and Vegetation Retention

19.125    Outdoors, Yards, and Landscaping

19.130    Off-Street Parking

19.135    Development Improvements

19.140    Signs

19.142    Flood Damage Prevention

Division V. Environmentally Critical Areas

19.145    Environmentally Critical Areas

Division VI. Zoning Regulations

19.190    General Zoning and Overlay Regulations

19.195    Suburban Estate (SE)

19.200    Single-Family Residential (RS)

19.205    Multifamily Residential (RM)

19.210    Professional Office (PO)

19.215    Neighborhood Business (BN)

19.220    Community Business (BC)

19.225    City Center Core (CC-C)

19.230    City Center Frame (CC-F)

19.235    Office Park (OP)

19.240    Commercial Enterprise (CE)

19.245    Overlays

Division VII. Supplemental Zoning Regulations

19.250    Cottage and Compact Single-Family Housing

19.256    Wireless Communication Facilities

19.257    Eligible Facilities Requests

19.260    Animals

19.262    Urban Agriculture

19.265    Accessory Uses and Facilities

19.270    Home Occupations

19.275    Temporary Uses

19.280    Marijuana

19.285    Protection and Preservation of Landmarks

19.290    Mobile Food and Retail Vendors


Cross references: Ordinances rezoning property or specifically regulating the land use on a particular piece of property and all amendments on the zoning map are not codified in this Code but are on file in the city clerk’s office, FWRC 1.05.090(9); annexation, Chapter 1.35 FWRC.

State law references: Planning and development, RCW 35A.63.010 et seq.; hearing examiner system, RCW 35A.63.170; environmental policy act, RCW 43.21.010 et seq.