Title 7


7.08    Contagious Diseases

7.16    House Courts-Camp Spaces

7.23    Storm Water

7.24    Solid Waste

7.25    Hazardous Materials

7.26    Infectious Waste

7.27    Recycling and Diversion of Construction and Demolition Debris

7.28    Weeds and Shrubs

7.32    Burning Permit and Regulations

7.34    Fireworks Regulations

7.36    Surface Mining and Reclamation

7.38    Regulation of Smoking in County Facilities

7.40    Fees for Inspection of Apiaries

7.42    Environmental Health Department Fees

7.46    Prohibition on Overnight Recreation Use

7.50    Apiaries

7.54    Parking Vehicles with Holding Tanks

7.60    Benefit Assessment for Structural Fire Suppression Services

7.68    Development Fee for New Development Projects in the Kirkwood Fire Protection District

7.70    Prohibition on Sale of Tobacco Products from Vending Machines

7.72    Development Fee for New Development Projects in the Amador Fire Protection District

7.74    Development Fee for New Development Projects in the Lockwood Fire Protection District

7.76    Ordinance Complying with the California Solid Waste and Recycling Access Act of 1991

7.78    Development Fees for New Development Projects in the Jackson Valley Fire Protection District

7.80    Children and Families First Commission

7.82    Ambulances

7.84    Traffic Impact Fees

7.85    Temporary Waiver and Deferral of Development Impact Fees

7.86    Facilities Development Fee

7.88    Mitigations for New Development Projects in the Rock Creek Drainage Basin

7.90    Park and Recreation Impact Fees


    For statutory provisions regarding county health administration contracts with cities, see Health & Saf. Code §101400 et seq.; for provisions regarding the enforcement by the county agricultural commission of the provisions of the Agriculture Code, See Food and Agric. Code §2281.